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I stare bleakly out the window as the rolling green hills of the countryside begin the fade away and blink as we’re greeted with misty buildings and street lights, car sirens and blaring lights for houses that seemed to touch the sky. Flats stood neatly in lines and cold people rubbing gloved hands together and bearing thick coats littered the cracked pavement streets. The darkness of night was masked by the activity. It was like the beautiful white stars dotted in the blackness were simply overlooked, and were replaced by the bustling and pushing of the streets. Replaced by cold people slipping on ice and keeping their heads down, on their way home to a warm fire.

I looked around for trees, feeling dismayed when the only one I could find had a small fence around it, caging it. Back home the fine firrs were delicately decorated with crystal like icicles and spider webs patterned with frozen dew. Thick snow would form ankle deep, or sort of knee deep for me, all over the village. I’d be hearing the quiet grunts of the man sweeping snow to deliver food to our doorstep. But now my ears were deafened by traffic. It was all so bright; I’d never seen a place like this before. I zipped up my jacket, sticking my hands firmly in the pockets and starting to wish I’d brought gloves. My leg was curled around my rucksack like it’d stay there forever. My mother Harriet deeply exhaled seeing we’d be in traffic for a little while longer. Her icy breath billows out in front of her in a visible cloud. She momentarily dropped her hands from the weal and rubbed her hands together before turning back to look at me.  

“How’re you finding London so far then?” she asked me with faked excitement. “I heard Christmas is big over here” she added, noticing my lack of enthusiasm. I made the effort to shrug my shoulders, removing one hand from my pocket to grasp my rucksack tightly. “It’s loud” I complained quietly, my voice barely audible above the screeching of the occasion siren and the angry people cursing at each other to drive faster. “And cold”

She faked a wide smile, her face lit up with reds, yellows and shades of blue. The colours of cars and loud flashing billboards advertising useless tatt nobody would ever truly need. “It’s cold everywhere darling because it’s nearly November” she reminded me. “And I know, I do emphasize about your ears but the doctor said they always adjust”

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention I have a rare condition with my ears. It’s so rare they don’t even have a name for it yet, not to brag. It means I can hear far more than the average person. I can hear tiny whispers and the tapping of raindrops houses away. I can hear the almost silent sound of paw steps padding on carpet and I can hear into the muffled people’s angry conversations. I can know more than someone would think about a person before they open their moth. I always know what they’re saying when they whisper in someone’s ear, a worried expression plastered on their faces when their eyes run over me, almost pitiful. I can listen into the kids at the back of the class, their secrets. I can do it all. If I want. I’m not more advanced it’s just the rest are less. It’s not amazing, not spectacular; it’s not something people should envy. It’s just normal. For me anyway.

I’m just new to all these sounds. So many, all attacking me at once. I’d get used to them I suppose. After all I have the time; I’m staying in this place until Christmas. With my uncle John and his friend, he calls him. But there’s a way his brown eyes gleam and how his voice gets softer and I know it’s not just a friend. Someone important is how he views him. I don’t blame him. I’ve never met him before. Sherlock Holmes. I like how the name sounds on my tongue. It’s unusual. But from what I’ve heard it’s usually a girl’s name.

I’m supposed to stay with them in their apartment for a while, until Mum gets back from her job abroad. Which she says might be after Christmas. I love Christmas at home. Fairy lights pattern the quiet streets, illuminating the snow pastel pinks and blues and yellows and greens, and we leave small delicate ice carved symbols and patterns around the great fir trees. I’ve only met John once. I remember before he went to war. He was short, I remember, and his voice was quiet, if a little shaky. It sounded like it was full of fear, but a desire for it, like he was impatient to seek it out. I sigh. It’s not like I wanted to come here, but I had no choice. I’d miss school. But at least I didn’t have to be in education until Mum came back for me.

She cursed as the car slipped on ice and I tightly gripped my bag, my knuckles going white and squeezed my eyes shut. The car juddered to a halt all of a sudden and I dared to open my eyes. A man had stopped our car…somehow. He was tall, looming above me. He looked…interesting. I tried to block out my mother’s words of hurried thanks and apologies at the same time, which was a challenge, and focused on his face. All my senses are slightly heightened but it’s mostly my ears. My eyes flicker over him. His eyes are interesting if a little confusing. A soft stormy green mostly, yet with sharp flecks of gold and outlined in brown. He had pale skin and a dark mass of curly hair. His face was complemented with high cheek bones and he wore a black jacket with a turned up collar. He gave them a small smile. I blinked at him.

He interested me somewhat. I recognized a certain look on him I hadn’t seen in many people. His voice was deep and sudden. “Hello” he greeted us. Mum looked quite shocked but quickly recollected herself, hurrying to get out of the car and trying to at the same time not slip on the black ice which lay waiting for us on the road. I swallowed and grabbed my rucksack tightly, carrying it outside with me. It was even colder out of the car.

“Sherlock?” a man I recognized as John came hurrying out. He was still short, only a little taller than I was and I was only thirteen. He had short dirty blondeish hair and was wearing a thick green coat and black gloves. He himself was also pale but that might have been added by the falling snow. He brushed snowflakes out of his hair and looked up at the man who stopped our car. So he was Sherlock. Cool. “Mm?” Sherlock looked around at him, watching him let out a shaky breath. “Don’t just run in front of cars!” he whined, his brown eyes looking concerned. Sherlock brushed snow off his shoulders. “I’m fine, go back inside” he replied steadily. He sighed and brushed the snow off his shoes before heading back in.

“This way” he invited them, his hands neatly folded behind his back. “Let’s get out of the snow. He turned around on one foot and shuffled his shoes on the mat outside and opened the door after they’d done the same. I removed my bag from under my shirt and looked around. We were in a hallway. It was then I felt the warmth rush to me and I let out a small sigh of pleasure.

“Oh dear don’t leave the door open” I heard a woman’s voice from a few apartments up. “Who’s that?” I asked. Sherlock gave me a strange look. “What?” he asked, narrowing his eyes. “I said don’t leave the door open!” the woman repeated, now audible to the others. Sherlock hissed in surprise and quickly slammed the door shut, probably louder than he intended. A middle aged small woman came hurrying down the stairs with a cup of tea in one hand and other holding up her dress so she wouldn’t fall.

“Sorry Mrs Hudson” Sherlock apologized. The woman shook her head with a kindly smile and led them upstairs. They followed, trailing mud and snowflakes. “You must stop worrying John dear” she coaxed him as they opened the door to the apartment. If Sherlock heard he pretended not to and just walked in. I sighed in wonder as I gazed around their apartment. It was large for a start although seemed a little cramped with all the miscellaneous stuff strewn about everywhere. There were in the dozens of crates of books in piles or just scattered over the table and floor.

I was going to say something but then decided against it. “Harry!” John sat up from a comfortable looking chair and hugged my mother tightly. She hugged back and they smiled at each other when they drew apart. “Good to see you” she replied warmly. Everyone picked their way in and out of mounds of books to sit down while Mrs Hudson put the kettle on. I saw John whisper in Mums ear if I could talk. She made eye contact with me and nodded. “Yes I can talk” I said quietly, making him jump. His expression was a little confused but he left it.

“So, who is this?” asked Sherlock gently, gazing directly at me. It didn’t look away as our eyes locked. I still held on tightly to my bag. All eyes were on me now. I swallowed as Mrs Hudson served everyone tea. I noted Johns had no sugar. I pick up stuff like this. I shuffled my feet. “I’m Peter, John’s nephew” I replied. Sherlock raised his eyebrows. “Ohhh so you’re him, well, welcome” he said kindly. I gave him a small smile and nodded. I wondered if I should say hello to John, feeling a little awkward. “Where’s Mary and little Emma?” asked Mum, sipping at her tea. Warm steam rose from the cup.

John coughed and Sherlock narrowed his eyes and turned away from me, spiking in irritation. “She’s working. Far away. And she took our daughter with her” John explained sadly. He looked down, not meeting anyone’s eyes and Sherlock glared at her defensively. I made a mental note to mention them. “Anyway, can’t stay long, traffic, you know how it is” Mum kissed my forehead and slipped on her coat. “Thanks for tea, now I must be off. Take care Peter” she said softly. I blinked at her sadly. “Bye” I muttered. And she was gone. I saw from the corner of my eye John looking sympathetic. There was a moment’s silence where I didn’t know what to say. Then I just decided to say what I was thinking. “Can I record a program?” I asked. “Hmm?” Jhon asked, turning round. I saw the corners of Sherlock’s mouth poke up slightly. He’d got it. “The sound of snow falling is quieter on the left side of the house which would mean snow is piling up. It’d have to pile up on something, which would be satellite dish which is normally on the left side of the house. Your type of TV can use either Sky or Virgin media. You don’t need the dish to use Virgin but you do for Sky and I know how to use Sky so can I record a program” I didn’t even really need to record it, I just wanted to see what they’d make of me.

“Blimey” I heard Mrs Hudson comment from the kitchen. Sherlock gave me an impressed look. “Oh great we have another Sherlock Holmes in the house” John joked, throwing his hands up in the air. “I just hear things” I murmured, looking away. “Quite. Well shall I show you where you’ll be sleeping” asked Sherlock. Except he didn’t ask. I could tell. I shrugged and followed him. He lead me to a small room with a large window in the centre of the opposite wall, which was beige whilst the others were dark green and had a faint outline of white.

 My eyes travelled to the window. Snow lay on the window sill outside and I had a good view of the streets. There weren’t as many people now, just black cabs leaving tire marks in the snow covered road. By now the snowflakes were beginning to thin out and be replaced by rain. I sighed. I preferred snow. Soon it would go from being that magical thing to an underrated slush. That was cool though. All good things must end. Otherwise they wouldn’t be…special-appreciated.

There was a mattress laid out, and a thin sheet. I bit the inside of my mouth while I contemplated this. I’d be cold but I brought warm clothes so maybe that’d balance out. It also didn’t appear to be particularly comfortable, but I’d manage, I appreciated the effort at least. My ears pricked. John was righting. His hands were smaller, as were his fingers, so as the fingers had to go down to the keys faster they were louder. I knew every combination of letters. I knew what they sounded like. Easily recognizable. I still didn’t let go of my bag. 

“Why is John righting about you?” I asked quietly, my eyes still fixed on the window. My breath steamed up on the glass and if Sherlock wasn’t right behind me I would have drawn something. I didn’t need to turn around. I heard Sherlock tilt his head. “What’s he righting right now?” he asked, his deep voice heavy with curiously. “He just wrote the word plane and then how you got off it” I said, listening to his fingers tap tap tapping at each key. Each key had its place and each and every key made a different sound. Every word had a different speed.

“Do you want to have a look, you can leave your bag” he invited. I let my fingers run over the glass window and tore my head away, reluctantly leaving my bag. John was sat at the table busily typing away. I noted the way he sat upright. The was his spine was. I’d only seen soldiers with a spine that worked that way. Was he a soldier? His legs were crossed tightly and his eyes never left the screen. Like they’d been trained that way. It was kind of a long shot but- “Where did you fight, John” I asked. The two men both looked up at me in surprise. John let out a groan and then continued to right. I thought he wouldn’t respond but after a few seconds of deafening silence he muttered “Afghanistan”

I wondered over to him, looking over his shoulder at what he was righting. All the small neat print weaved together to create an indecipherable blur of black. I blinked hard and the words and watched them slowly dance along the page into focus.



Old Sherlock fan story
I wrote this when I was 13 I guess lol xD
I'd written myself into the story being Johns sisters son and my ears don't work like that irl sadly

''We're gonna be legends you know''
The older boy murmured quietly. The two were lying peacefully on the hillside gazing up at the beautiful coal black sky streaked with deep blue and faded lilac, the whole galaxy seemed to glow ghostly pale, littered with snow white stars which shone down onto the long grass, slowly swaying in the gentle warm night breeze.
Alexander couldn't remember the last time he'd kissed under the moon, this may be the first time.
Jayce grinned widely, flashing his white teeth. The fact that under a sky full of masterpieces, stars and planets the boys stormy green eyes would still be fixed on him warmed his heart.

''Are we now?'' Alex asked in response, challenging his earlier question.
The raven haired boy nodded, his eyes closed because of the tiredness and the bliss they were sharing. He turned his hand into a spider, slowly making it crawl towards him and then sleepily sliding it into the other boys hand. 
''Hell yeah'' he yawned, using his other hand to ruffle the boys hair affectionately. Alex chuckled and laid his head on Jayce's chest.
''I'm the king and you're my prince and we'll make the world see we're not sick one day'' he continued, his eyes opening again to stare determinedly at the night sky, the small wisps of cloud floating past the moon were beginning to turn the light silver grey.

''Stop being so cheesy'' he muttered, though there was a smile plastered on his face.
''How come you get to be king?''
''Because King Jayce sounds frickin awesome, and I'm older and can sit on you until you surrender'' he argued happily. 
Alex rolled his eyes and then his expression turned more serious. He listened to the boys heartbeat, it was calming to some extent.
''You're right though'' he muttered.
''Huh? That's a first! Do I get a medal?'' Jayce joked.
''One day they'll see we're not broken, we're not sick or crazy or ill'' Alex continued.
Jayce gave his hand a squeeze.
''I shall ensure it, somehow'' he promised.
''Yeah ok'' Alex agreed sleepily. ''I love you'' he whispered gently.

''Ew!'' Jayce giggled in mock disgust but kissed him and whispered it back.
There was a comfortable silence until Jayce started to seemingly speak his thoughts out loud.
''Dude I'm trying to sleep''
He ignored him and kept talking.
''Do you just keep talking when I'm away?''
''I don't know how often are you away?'' he joked.
''Now be quiet I'm talking about very important matters I'm sorry if your intelligence doesn't quite match mine, you'll get there soon''
''You got held back a year'' Alex poked him.
''That does not matter, go to sleeep'' Jayce grinned and closed his eyes, humming and let Alex slip into sleep.
Here he was happy, when it was just him and the idiot he was in love with, and the moon, because the galaxy doesn't judge you and call you a sinner.
However he tried not to let the words bother him. 
If being with Jayce meant he was a sinner, then that was fine with him. 

Waiting for a train

''Your eyes are a galaxy, and I love star gazing'' Jayce whispered softly as he gazed into his boyfriends dark eyes. Alex snorted. ''Could you stop being a cheese lord for like two minuets?'' he chuckled. ''Oh I'm sorry'' Jayce lent into him and gently kissed him. ''Am I cramping your style?''
The older boy poked his Pokemon snap-back and raised his eyebrows. 
Alex hit him playfully. ''Shut up at least my wardrobe doesn't consist of darkness''
''Excuse me nerd boy I like whats the onside to match my soul and it does quite effectively, unless your heart is by chance a charmander I would say I'm more coordinated than you are, nerd!''
Alex blinked in an unimpressed way. 
''How much longer are we going to have to wait until this bloody train comes anyway?'' the boy continued, playing with his dark hair which was begging to slightly hang over his eyes. ''I'm hungry'' he continued, taking a bite out of the sandwich he brought earlier.
''First of all you are literally a hoover you are never not hungry, second of all you are eating right now!''
''Chillll'' Jayce joked. He looked around the station 
''Do you think they have pickled onion pringels?''

Watching a scary movie together
Jayce yelped and hid behind Alex, abandoning the duvet he was previously huddling in.
''Dude you're like three feet taller than me that doesn't work'' Alex told him calmly.
''How did that not scare you!?'' he exclaimed.
''It was obvious cheep jump scare'' he replied still intently watching the screen.
''You are weird'' Jayce commented, his eyes wide.
''And you better stop commentating throughout the whole film'' Alex warned him.
''Oh wow what you gonna do nerd boy?'' Jayce retorted cheerfully.
Alex lunged at him knocking him onto the ground and pinning his hands above his head, smirking a little as he saw the blush creep over his cheeks. 
''That'' Alex said letting him up.
There was a pause.
''Still how did you not get scared there was a clown.
''...with blood''
''You're fucking impossible'' Alex laughed as he littered his face with kisses. 

Playing board games
''I'm player one'' Jayce announced gleefully.
''Why is that'' asked Alex.
''Cuz I'm bigger, and stronger and taller and I've got bits of blue in my hair''
''Fine, doesn't matter I'm gonna kick your arse anyway'' he said confidently.
''Because I'm smart''

Playing video games
Alex glanced up at his boyfriend.
''I'm fucked''
''Essentially yes, cuz I rock'' he said grinning.
Alex mock glared at him and then smiled.
''You dork''

Valentines day
Alex sighed. His day had not been the best, he had no money since his sister had stolen most of it and he had to go to the police station, he'd had detention for something he hadn't done and walked out of his art lesson because of people harassing him.
He opened his bedroom door tiredly to see Jayce sat cross legged on his bed holding a rose in his mouth, surrounded by, oh my god were those rose petals. 
Alex's smile stretched across his face and he lunged himself at his boyfriend happily hugging him. Jayce giggled and held out the rose.
''Happy valentines day nerd boy'' he said cutely, winking. Alex kissed him almost aggressively getting on top of him. 
''You are so freaking cute'' he said between kisses slowly pining the taller boy down.
''Anything for my nerd'' he said smiling.
''You're so cheesy, you adorable little shit'' Alex rested on top of him happily.
''Thank you for making my Valentines day, dork'' he whispered, running his hand through his boyfriends hair.
''No problem nerd''

''Jayce Robert Harper you have an exam tomorrow morning get your ass off tumbrl and study'' Alex said firmly. He was sat diligently working, lying stretched across the carpet propping himself up with his elbows and clearly trying to concentrate.
Jayce on the other hand was curled up on Alex's bed in an over-sized black hoodie and matching beanie scrolling through tumbrl.
''Noooo'' he grumbled rolling over and hiding his face.
''Jayce. Now'' Alex commanded.
''You study, you're the smart one, I'm the one who got held back a year, I'm not going anywhere'' he groaned, his voice cracking.
Alex sighed and crawled on the bed beside him, hugging and begging to spoon him.
''Well you're not getting anywhere by looking at space aesthetics are you babe?''
Jayce sniffed sadly.
''Come on baby I'll study with you, I can help you if you want''
He turned around to look at him and snuggled into his chest.
''I really don't want to stoop to your level of cheesiness but you need to start believing in yourself''
That earned a smile from Jayce who hugged him closer sitting up. 
''I have recruited you to a life of cheese!!'' he exclaimed triumphantly.
Alex chuckled and wiped his boyfriends teary eyes. ''Now come be smart for me ok''
''Yes mum'' he pretended to sigh like a moody teenager and rolled off the bed to Alex's studying position.
''I am stronger than you, you know'' Jayce reminded him winking and sticking his tounge out playfully.

Sexy times ;3
Jayce ripped off his shirt and started on working Alex's clothes off, rolling on top of him. Alex grinned excitedly and rolled him over so he was pinning him to the bed. Jayce was a lot bigger and stronger than him so could have stayed on top but let the smaller boy pin him anyway.
He began to kiss up from his hips, up his stomach and started kissing his neck, he knew that was Jayce's weakness, he sucked and bit down hard to leave a mark, marking his territory.
Jayce gasped and gripped the bed sheet, whining desperately.
''Steady on'' Alex joked, his voice a whisper. He moved down and took him in his hand, teasing him before moving inside him.
Jayce started panting and Alex kissed him and then moved back to his neck. Alex let Jayce's hands free and they moved to claw at his back leaving angry red lines.
''I love you Jay'' Alex murmured, Jayce whimpered and moaned loudly, beginning to swear under his breath. Alex bit his lip to keep his breathing under control. 
''Fuck!'' Jayce came just before Alex did.
Alex pulled out and regained his breath, panting heavily. They lay next to each other until Jayce attached himself to Alex like a leech.
''Love you'' he murmured. ''I love you to'' he whispered, kissing his cheek gently. 
They lay together for a while until Jayce said ''Next time I'm topping''
''Sure you are baby sure'' Alex whispered.
''Oh yeah and we might need some tissues...get changed first

Just the nerd and dork being a nerd and dork
''Alex am I like too sexy?'''
They were walking through the woods back to Alex's house after school, holding hands and enjoying the peace.
Alex gave him a look. 
''It's a genuine concern'' he continued looking serious.
''Yeah I don't think so'' he grinned in response.
''Ok sex lord tell me your ways!'' he joked. ''Is it the plaid shirts and pokemon merch that makes all the guys faint, is it the perfume, which you stole from me but I'm going to chose to forget because I'm an awesome boyfriend?''
Alex grabbed his shirt and pulled him into him. ''It's because I can do this'' he whispered biting down on his neck and watching the boy squirm and moan.
Jayce blushed deep red and glared at him. 
''And I'm not returning your perfume it's officially mine now''
''Yep legal documents filled out sorry''
He smiled and squeezed his boyfriends hand.
''But your earlier concern, you may need to be worried your sexiness is pushing the boundaries bat boy''
''Bat boy that's a new one''
''Well I mean look at you, you managed to make our school uniform emo''
Jayce proudly flicked his tie which he'd forced Alex to help colour in the whole thing with black marker.
''I quite like sexy bat lord as a title to be honest''
Alex snorted. 
''Ok but can I be sexy nerd lord?''
''Nah but you can be my sexy prince, I get the title of lord, I'm older, OOO! you could be my kawaii boiii and I'm you're senpia'''
''You're not an authority figure to me''
''Oh yeah'' he raised his eyebrows.
''Well that's not what happens in the bedroom''
''I'm like really sexy though it's worrying'''
''Oh my god Jayce!!!''

Clothes shopping
''Ok who has the money?''
''Do you really think I'd entrust you with my money Jayce?''
''Dude I'm hurt'' Jayce said clutching his heart in mock pain.
They walked to the mens section. Jayce looked around as if he couldn't find what he wanted.
''Women's sections back there mate'' Alex steered him in the right direction. There he could find his flowy black clothes that could make him look basic yet emo and be flowy and nice.
Alex smiled broadly as he saw his eyes shine excitedly. He wasn't too into clothes, he mostly wore merch which he brought online, or he'd wear button up shirts and plaid, Jayce was a lot more into fashion.
He walked around and endured half an hour of Jayce talking excitedly and wonder if he should bye every black item, and Alex loved it, he adored seeing Jayce like this, it was so cute and he liked nothing more than seeing the boy in his element, all happy and adorable.
Finally they went to the counter. Alex paid for two things, Jayce paid for five, Alex paid for the other seven.
They decided to go to starbucks afterwards so Jayce could live up to his basic bitch ways and sip happily on a drink overflowing with whipped cream. Jayce had his arm around Alex and kissed him happily.
''Thanks for taking me out'' he said cheerfully. ''You're the best boyfriend ever I love you nerd'' he purred.
Alex sighed contently and Jayce be all thankful and cute, he enjoyed it a lot. 

Jayce had his arms protectively around him and they both were shirtless. Alex sighed feeling calm and safe, listening to his boyfriends heart beat was comforting and because of Jayce's general dorkyness he sometimes forgot although they boy was slender he was very tall and actually quite strong, he was about 5'11 whilst Alex was 5'5.
Sometimes he was happy for Jayce to be the protective one, as in a real situation Jayce would physically be the most useful though he'd be terrified.
 ''Are you asleep?'' Jayce asked.
''Yes'' Alex yawned sarcastically.
''Do you think that clown from poltergeist is going to come in and be mean?''
Alex chuckled, he loved when Jayce was sleepy like this he seemed to become more innocent and young. 
''No because poltergeist is a made up film dork'' he whispered softly. 
''But....but'' Jayce sounded a little desperate. Alex turned around so they were lying now just next to each-other and put his arm around him.
''I'd never let anything, ever happen to you ok'' he promised.
Jayce nuzzled into his chest. ''Ok...hero nerd'' he whispered sleepily, his eyelids drooping.
Alex chuckled. ''Dork in distress'' and then he cracked up laughing.
''Go to sleep babe''
''M'kay your wish is my command'' he sarcastically whispered before falling asleep.
Alex stayed awake a little longer, feeling a new wave of protectiveness. Maybe Jayce wasn't the best at being the protective one, but that was ok he always defended Alex in social situations. And besides Alex liked being the protective one.
Apologies by squeak10jan
I like the idea of Leopardstar finding Stonefur in starclan and apologizing for watching whilst she allowed Tigerstar to order Blackfoot to slaughter him just for being half clan. You know that sounded cuter in my head.
Going to Riverclan by squeak10jan
Going to Riverclan
Bluestar leading Stonekit and Mistykit to their father Oakheart, and leading Mosskit to her death :(((((((
Thorn by squeak10jan
Thought I'd draw my fursona humanized cuz why not? :)
Alex and Jayce by squeak10jan
Alex and Jayce
Sexy times ;3
And yes Alex does top most of the time despite him being a lot shorter than Jayce is 
Random cats by squeak10jan
Random cats
I was just playing with facial expression 


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